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We are very pleased to share the news that Dorel, owner of major brands including Maxi Cosi and Bébé Confort, advised the following on the 4th April 2014:

“We will recommend the 5-point plus accessory to parents that call us and ask for a solution for their child that is freeing himself from his harness. We will also integrate the 5-point plus accessory in our FAQ at the website.”

“The evaluation is that the product works well, and that with this accessory it is quite impossible for children to get out of the 5-point harness.”

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This is excellent news as it provides further proof on how important the 5 point plus is for child in car safety.

Taking research conducted by the Belgian Road Safety Institute on child car seat use and misuse (note 1) and extrapolating across Europe, we estimate that around 10,000 toddlers everyday are travelling to and from day nurseries and shops with their arms and shoulders out of the car seat.

Clearly this is a major concern for everyone as these toddlers are:

  1. at risk of serious life threatening injuries in the event of an accident, and
  2. a major source of potential driver distraction, a leading cause of traffic accidents.

Research conducted in Australia in 2013 identified that children are 12 times more distracting than a mobile phone (note 2). The research identified that  looking at the child in the rear seat or watching the rear-view mirror accounted for 76.4% of driver distraction.


Note 1: First Roadside survey of child restraint system use and misuse in Belgium Roynard, Lesire and Herve 2012

Note 2: