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(Q) I cannot wrap the Velcro™ straps around the chest pads on the car seat, does it not work on my car seat?

(A) The 5 point plus fits below the chest pads (see photo below). The Velcro™ section was designed to help prevent users wrapping it around the car seat chest pad. When located in the correct position, the high tech 3D spacer fabric will scrunch up where necessary when the harness is tightened, filling in the void that toddlers exploit.


(Q) My child undoes the Velcro™ and can still get out of his car seat harness! Why?

(A) You have installed the 5 point plus harness inside out. The 5 point plus is designed so that the Velcro™ is out of reach of children’s hands when correctly installed. The velcro should be on the inside when fitted. Two year old children are very clever and it is essential that adults follow the instructions carefully!

(Q)Should I remove the chest pads that were supplied with the car seat?

(A)The chest pads must not be removed from the car seat as they help control the motion of the upper body in the event of a collision. The 5 point plus is designed to fit around the harness, under the chest/shoulder pads (see image above). The 5 point plus, where necessary, is designed to scrunch up when the harness is tightened.