5 point plus is a Smarta 100 Winner

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Smarta.com and O2 proudly announce that 5 point plus is one of the winners of the 2012 Smarta 100, the ultimate index of the UK’s 100 most dynamic and innovative small businesses.

The award organisers said: “We are not just looking for those who bring in the most cash, but the businesses that have the most original ideas and make a true difference. We want to find the beacons of enterprising Britain, the small firms that thrive despite the gloomy economy, be it a brilliant social enterprise, an inspiring young tech start-up or a small manufacturer.”

Commenting on its inclusion in the Smarta 100, 5 point plus’ founder Richard Knight said: “It is great to be recognised for our achievement in helping to make child car seats child proof.”

“If we go on to win Business of the Year, this will really raise the profile of driver distraction arising from toddlers getting their arms out of their car seat harness. All road users and pedestrians are at risk from drivers being distracted by toddlers escaping their car seat harness. Toddlers in particular are at risk, as the car seat has been rendered useless in the event of an accident.”

DEBORAH MEADEN, Dragons’ Den investor and Smarta board member, said

“This year’s Smarta 100 showcases the fantastic breadth of small businesses making waves in the UK business scene. Some demonstrate managerial magnificence, overseeing teams of dozens to grow their businesses quickly and creatively. Other Smarta 100 winners are sole traders, or just individuals – and how impressive that, even single-handedly, they have proven that being innovative and dedicated can give you the edge. And it’s not just all about cutting-edge tech companies either – this year’s Smarta 100 go to show that any sector, however traditional, can be given an exciting injection of innovation when a great entrepreneurial mind takes it on.”

THEO PAPHITIS, Dragons’ Den investor and Ryman chairman, said

“The Smarta 100 has proven yet again how many exciting, innovative and successful small businesses and start-ups there are in the UK today, and I really find them inspiring. Some of the 100 are disrupting established industries, some are creating completely new markets, and others are simply doing an exceptional job in age-old marketplaces but knocking the socks off their competition. It just goes to show that in the face of challenging economic conditions, a credit crunch and reduced customer spending, entrepreneurs and business owners who work hard and think outside the box can still thrive in today’s world. Congratulations to all the finalists and winners.”