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Apr 18, 2011 by kirsty
Make Of Car Seat: Britax 

Now our little Houdini is safely back in her car seat without me having to worry about her taking arms out of straps.


Apr 18, 2011 by Lesley Lewis
Make Of Car Seat: Maxi cosi 

I'm normally a radio 1 listener but switched over as a song was rubbish,meaning to "station hop"between songs.I was,by massive coincidence,on the motorway screaming at my 2 year old for taking her arms out for the millionth time!!I couldn't believe what I was hearing,literally mid interview,as it was the answer to our prayers!!I had no idea such a product existed.The only problem was that I couldn't stop to write down the web address,so it took me a few days of googling to track it down,but WOW was it worth it!!I did hesitate as my daughter was already 2&a half but decided to risk it.It fits her fine but just please please hurry up&make the bigger size!!You def need&deserve a lot more publicity


Apr 18, 2011 by Grant
Make Of Car Seat: Britaz 

No longer can my little boy escape, this is great and very reassuring to know that he is safe.


Apr 17, 2011 by Lisa
Make Of Car Seat: 5pointplus 

A friend heard a discussion of this product on the radio and knew the nightmare I was having with my son who always insisted on escaping his arms from the carseat. The 5pointplus makes it impossible for him to get his arms out so i am delighted with the product and would highly recommend to all parents out there!!

It really works!

Apr 16, 2011 by Jessica Williams
Make Of Car Seat: Britax 

My little girl would remove her arms from the car seat harness within minutes of setting off on each journey. I was desperate to find something to stop this and keep her safe. After searching the internet I discovered the 5 point plus and it really works. It’s easy to fit and she hasn’t managed to escape since, much to her disappointment! Would definately recommend.


Apr 15, 2011 by Tony
Make Of Car Seat: Maxi Cosi Tobi 

We were advised about the 5point harness by a friend because my little girl constantly removed her arms out of her car seat, meaning she was only secured around the waist. this caused great anxiety for me especially on long journeys.
The harness arrived in 2 days and fitted within 20 seconds. Once it was fitted i had a very unhappy child (she couldn't remove her arms- not for the lack of trying) now she is settled down and i feel confident that she is safe. i would higly recommend this to friends and family - my dad even got one for his car. Kate

It works!

Apr 13, 2011 by Anna
Make Of Car Seat: Maxi Cosi 

I heard about this on the radio after a gruelling car journey on which my son took his harness off 3 times. This really can be fitted in 20 seconds, and completely solves the problem. He hasn't actually attempted to squirm out of his seat again since it was fitted.


Apr 13, 2011 by Sam Allen
Make Of Car Seat: Maxi cosy axis 

Highly recommend the 5 point plus. It has done the job and keeps my son safe and secure. Fantastic idea that really works.


Apr 13, 2011 by David
Make Of Car Seat: Maxi Cosi Tobi 

Our son easily removed his arms out of Maxi Cosi Tobi as it has springs in the harness. 5 point plus has stopped him in his tracks 🙂

A friend told me about 5pointplus

Apr 13, 2011 by mum to molly

Its great, thank you. DD is very happy and did not grumble when I fitted it.

5 point plus , United Kingdom 4.6 5.0 31 31 My 21 month old wriggled out of this harness within a week of buying the product. Disappointing for a 25 pound product.

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